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BridgeHealth helps ensure quality healthcare while keeping costs under control. Take a look at the wide array of clients/groups we’ve worked with. Then read their impressions of BridgeHealth.

Self-insured Companies

Since benefit budgets are tight, keeping claims costs in check is a top priority. And a big part of your claims costs is driven by major surgical procedures – knee and hip replacements, spinal fusions and heart procedures. BridgeHealth can help keep your benefit budget in check. It’s time to think outside the box when it comes to cost-containment solutions.

Government & Education Groups

Government and education groups face unique challenges. You provide rich employee benefits, but you’re also under continuous scrutiny to be fiscally responsible. The BridgeHealth Surgery Benefit Program can help. When employees consider cost, quality, and even medical necessity, surgery is often not the only answer. When plan members start to engage, your group will save.

Taft Hartley & Union Plans

BridgeHealth gives your members access to the top surgical providers in the nation. We know your budget is tight, but we believe your plan members still deserve top-notch surgical benefits at no additional cost. If plan members have information on cost, quality, and even medical necessity, they will make better decisions. Sometimes, surgery isn’t the only answer. But when members need surgery, the BridgeHealth Surgery Benefit Program gives them access to top-rated surgical facilities across the nation. Quality matters, and your members deserve the best.

TPAs & Consultants

Your clients are counting on you to provide cost-saving healthcare solutions. Clients want the impossible—value-added services that don’t increase costs. BridgeHealth can deliver — we help groups save on medical costs related to planned surgeries. Even better, our case rate pricing allows groups to predict and prepare for future claims. BridgeHealth also gives plan members access to tools and resources that help them make smarter medical choices, factoring in cost, quality, and even medical necessity when considering a surgery.


With BridgeHealth, you can now enhance your member benefits even more with a unique program that will help your members lower their healthcare costs, while significantly increasing the value of their association membership. By adding the BridgeHealth Surgery Benefit Program to your association benefits, your members will have access to a team of professional Care Coordinators that will help them make informed decisions when considering surgery and guide them to top providers in the nation.

Health Captives

BridgeHealth helps Captives and Private Exchanges manage the overall risks and costs of planned surgeries by providing a leveling of the costs associated with these claims with our bundled case rates and high-quality providers. Savings go directly to the employers and members of the Captive and/or Exchange. With BridgeHealth, average savings are from 30%-50% as compared to the PPO or carrier network. The goal is to provide an alternative for members to access the highest quality providers for these procedures, which helps increase member satisfaction, engagement, better outcomes and cost savings.

BridgeHealth helps all of our clients save through:

Proven member engagement programs

An exclusive, top-rated group of providers

Innovative case rate pricing


Predictability in future surgical claims costs

Plan member-focused Care Coordination support

Representative Clients

BridgeHealth is available to self-insured plan sponsors and their members in all 50 states. Whether you’re in retail, government, labor & trust, education, technology, manufacturing or financial services, if cost savings and quality matter to your company, we may be a good fit.

BridgeHealth has worked with a wide range of clients and groups—and made a big difference. Here’s what plan members and plan sponsors have to say about BridgeHealth.

Charlotte, BridgeHealth member

Mike Larsen, Executive Director, Municipalities, Colleges, Schools Insurance Group

In the time since the Health and Welfare Board of Trustees hired BridgeHealth, our Health and Welfare Plan has realized remarkable savings! By using BridgeHealth for our surgical procedures, our plan has experienced $423,286 in savings since 2013. As Chairman of the plan, I will continue my efforts in finding the best quality care available in the market with added value for our plan members and family. I think we’ve done that with BridgeHealth.

-Chairman, Alaska Teamster-Employer Welfare Trust

This last year we saved over $1.2 million, and more than 75% of our members used the program for their covered surgeries. BridgeHealth truly white gloves members through the process, schedules everything, and arranges a second opinion on request, so members can learn whether an alternative treatment option may help their condition.

-Executive Director, Municipalities, Colleges, Schools Insurance Group

I found BridgeHealth easy to use. They took care of all details, making it a wonderful experience! My Care Coordinator responded quickly and went out of her way to help me. BridgeHealth is excellent and I would recommend them to a friend.

-BridgeHealth Plan Member

I decided to use BridgeHealth because I liked the idea of having someone assist me with everything so that I could move forward with my procedure. Having a Care Coordinator to get me through the process was a big help and made it worth it, especially because she was so caring and knowledgeable. BridgeHealth made the process less tedious on me. I would definitely recommend BridgeHealth to a friend.

-BridgeHealth Plan Member

My Care Coordinator was great! He answered all my questions, and he didn’t get frustrated when I asked the same questions over and over. He set everything up and made sure it was all in order before I left. BridgeHealth is an amazing service. I am truly grateful and feel blessed that everything has been taken care of. Thank you.

-BridgeHealth Plan Member

I contacted BridgeHealth because I was excited about going to a highly rated medical facility. My Care Coordinator went above and beyond to assist me throughout the process. He was very polite to us, and he carried through on his plans each step of the way. He was professional, courteous, and patient! Everything fell into place before the surgery, and all has gone well since then.

-BridgeHealth Plan Member

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