The Bundled Case Rate Advantage

Cost savings for Plan Sponsors and Plan Members

BridgeHealth is dedicated to providing premium surgical treatment options to everyone without increased cost. Our negotiated, bundled case rates (the medical costs of a surgery from start to finish) make healthcare costs predictable for Plan Sponsors and lower the cost of getting top-quality treatment for Plan Members.

Cost Predictability and Transparent Pricing


Healthcare costs are confusing with a traditional health plan. How do your Plan Members know costs for a medical procedure before it is delivered? Do they know comparison shopping is an option? With the BridgeHealth Surgery Benefit Program, Plan Members are provided pre-negotiated procedure case rates and objective quality ratings on the BridgeHealth program hospitals they are considering, giving them the information they need to make an informed decision.

Transparency in Healthcare:

It’s the foundation upon which BridgeHealth products and services are built.

Calculate your savings.

Interested to see how much BridgeHealth can save you? Tell us the size of your organization and see just how big an impact we can have on your bottom line. This represents only a fraction of the procedures that are covered by BridgeHealth; we have pre-negotiated bundled case rates for more than 175 unique CPT codes.

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  Cost Savings
  # Total Cases Current Paid Costs Current Total Costs From Provider Selection
Knee replacements 40487
Hip replacements   42179    
Lumbar spinal fusions   88170    
Cervical spinal fusions   60384    
Hysterectomies   34000
Cardiac Bypasses 95320
Bariatric Surgeries 32500
BridgeHealth Surgical Case Impact
Total Savings

Interested in reducing surgery-related costs for both Plan Sponsors and members?

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