Great care doesn’t have to mean great cost.

Costs for major planned surgeries continue to increase and can vary significantly by provider.

Traditional PPO costs have risen dramatically—for both plan sponsors and members. Access to affordable healthcare has typically led to a trade-off in healthcare quality.

Not anymore.

Our value-based surgery benefit management program is an add-on to your existing health benefits. We provide members access to bundled pricing and Centers of Excellence for planned surgeries, giving them an additional healthcare treatment option that offers cost and quality advantages.

As an alternative to the plan member’s existing PPO coverage, the BridgeHealth Surgery Benefit Program is designed to:

Enhance benefit packages to attract & retain top talent
Reduce healthcare costs for both plan sponsors and members
Lessen administrative burden
Improve surgical care & outcomes

The BridgeHealth Difference: Complete Care Coordination.

We are with our members every step of the way when they need surgery. We provide objective guidance and assistance in provider selection, appointment setting, second opinions, and even travel arrangements when necessary.

Decision support
Scheduling and administrative assistance
Post-surgery follow-up

BridgeHealth Fits Seamlessly Into Your Benefit Solution

BridgeHealth administers the entire process for the plan member, while maintaining close coordination with the carrier/administrator for eligibility verification, medical necessity and reporting.

What better-quality care means

BridgeHealth works only with providers and surgeons rated as delivering top quality in their surgical specialty. We identify them using the best available third-party objective quality measures, such as Comparion’s CareChex, Hospital Quality Rating Analysis (HQRA) and Physician Quality Rating Analysis (PQRA). Quality care is top priority, and we continually work with other stakeholders, including patients and strategic partners, to improve our results.


Learn more about the BridgeHealth difference.

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The BridgeHealth Surgery Benefit Program Difference
The BridgeHealth Surgery Benefit Program
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The BridgeHealth Surgery Benefit Program
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Interested in providing
value-based surgical care at significant savings
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