Great care doesn’t have to mean greater cost.

The BridgeHealth Surgery Benefit Program helps keep your healthcare costs affordable and effective.

Costs associated with major planned procedures have not only skyrocketed but also varied greatly.

Accordingly, traditional PPO costs have risen dramatically—for both plan sponsors and members. To offset these increases, it has often meant a trade-off in the quality of care.

Not anymore.

We’re rewriting the cost-quality equation. Our innovative surgery benefit management program doesn’t replace current coverage. Your plan members now simply have an additional option that offers cost and quality advantages.

Composite Quality Score

As an alternative to the plan member’s existing PPO coverage, the BridgeHealth Surgery Benefit Program is designed to:

Enhance benefit packages, thus attracting/retaining top talent
Reduce insurance costs for both plan sponsors and members
Lessen administrative headaches
Improve care/outcomes when surgery is warranted

The BridgeHealth solution is innovative in its simplicity. In other words, why didn’t someone plot this course before?

The BridgeHealth Difference: Complete Care Coordination.

We are with our participants every step of the way. Our approach is always one of objective guidance and assistance. In the end, only the plan member can give the go-ahead for a planned surgery.

Decision Support
Scheduling and administrative assistance
Post-surgery follow-up

Our dedicated Care Coordinators and informational tools and resources help plan members be sure every decision is the right one for them.

BridgeHealth Fits Seamlessly Into Your Benefit Solution

BridgeHealth administers the entire process for the plan member, while maintaining close coordination with the carrier/administrator for eligibility verification, medical necessity and reporting.

The Bridgehealth Difference

Plan members are better informed about specific provider’s quality of care as well as the total costs of a surgery. This not only gives the plan member more decision power when choosing the right provider, but it also reduces the costs, guarantees better quality care, and minimizes surgery-related complications.

Major Carriers Bridgehealth
Transparent Pricing NO
Objective Quality Measures NO
Guiding Plan Members to their Best Option NO

What better-quality care means

BridgeHealth selects only top-quality providers. “Top Quality” is anything but an arbitrary measure. These parameters are consistent and industry-recognized, reflecting the entire continuum of care.


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