When you need surgery, you need BridgeHealth

We’re here to help you find your path to feeling great.

BridgeHealth is a surgery benefit program that is offered as part of your health plan. Our suite of tools, services and dedicated Care Coordinators are available to help you when considering a planned surgery. Then, if surgery is right for you, this program may actually lower your out-of-pocket costs while improving the quality of care and the entire experience.

BridgeHealth is offered to you at no extra cost.
If your employer offers the program, you’re already enrolled.

Gain access to decision support.

If you are considering surgery, that’s when to contact BridgeHealth. It’s at this important juncture that you can start off with less anxiety and focus more fully on your options. No worries. That’s the BridgeHealth way.

Get top-quality care.

If you decide to have surgery, you want the best care. Our stringent standards in selecting providers, verified by external data, deliver top-tier options.

Save money.

BridgeHealth has pre-negotiated agreements with care providers that lower your plan sponsor’s healthcare costs as well as those of the actual surgery. These savings, which can be significant, are passed on to you.

Let your Care Coordinators help.

BridgeHealth provides you with dedicated Care Coordinators who will guide you toward your most informed decision.

Know you’re getting better care.

If you decide to have surgery, it’s intended to make you feel better. You can rest assured that top tier providers in our network have attained the highest quality standards based on data from an independent source, CareChex.* So, you know our approved hospitals have exceptional track records of success.

Feel no pain in your wallet.

Depending on your plan, BridgeHealth can actually eliminate or greatly reduce your out-of-pocket costs.

How? BridgeHealth pre-negotiates rates for a wide variety of surgical procedures with top tier providers across the nation. These rates translate to lower costs for you. More reasons to take advantage of BridgeHealth include: You’ll know about any costs upfront — no surprises after surgery! Your health plan offers the BridgeHealth surgical benefit to deliver more value, quality and cost savings to you

Take it from satisfied BridgeHealth plan members.

“I decided to use BridgeHealth as opposed to my plan’s standard medical coverage due to the procedure cost. My Care Coordinator was fabulous! She answered all of my questions and put me at ease. My doctor and his staff were exceptional! BridgeHealth chooses top-notch doctors, staff and facilities.”

“My Care Coordinator was very pleasant, caring, knowledgeable, and personable. She always responded to my inquiries. I only had to focus on my recuperation and BridgeHealth did the rest.”

“The Care Coordinator was very patient in making sure my questions were answered as well as following up on getting all necessary for the physician. I am recommending the process to everyone I know! All was better than expected.”

“I found BridgeHealth easy to use. They took care of all details making it a wonderful experience! My Care Coordinator responded quickly and went out of her way to help me. BridgeHealth is excellent and I would recommend them to a friend.”

Don’t go through the surgery process alone.