Gate Petroleum Signs with BridgeHealth for Value-Based Surgery Benefits

Bundle-Priced Benefits Reduce Employer and Employee Costs, Improve Care Quality DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Gate Petroleum Company, the 17th-largest privately held firm in Florida, has contracted with BridgeHealth for value-based surgery benefits. BridgeHealth is a leader in making value-based healthcare accessible through high-quality, lower-cost, bundled surgical case rate benefit plans. BridgeHealth is providing Gate’s 1,600 eligible employees and their families access to top-performing surgical centers of excellence at lower, predictable costs. BridgeHealth’s employer clients save 20-40 percent on… Read More →

BridgeHealth on Inc. 5000 List for Third Consecutive Year

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BridgeHealth, a leading provider of value-based healthcare services, has been recognized on the Inc. 5000 list for a third consecutive year as one of America’s fastest-growing private companies. The company ranked #1474 this year, with a three-year sales growth of 275% on total revenues of $16 million. BridgeHealth ranked #1015 on the list in 2016 and #812 in 2015. “We are thrilled to be recognized for a third year,” said Mark Stadler, BridgeHealth CEO…. Read More →

Article: Why Employers Might Want to Rethink HDHPs

Two-thirds of large employers believe HDHPs are one of the most effective ways to reduce costs, which accounts for the increase in companies adopting these plans. But are they all they appear to be? BridgeHealth CEO Mark Stadler offers insight into the drawbacks of high-deductible health plans in this article published in Employee Benefit News.

Quality Care and Patient Outcomes in the United States

Costs associated with major planned procedures have not only skyrocketed but also varied greatly. Accordingly, traditional PPO costs have risen dramatically—for both plan sponsors and members. To offset these increases, it has often meant a trade-off in the quality of care. Needless to say, high-quality healthcare remains a priority for Americans. Kaiser Family Foundation analysts have reported that while the quality of care in the United States’ health system continues to improve, there are still… Read More →

Rising Surgical Costs and How to Contain Them

The cost of surgical procedures in the United States continues to soar and seemingly sporadically rise. Stanford Health Care reported that 48 million surgical inpatient procedures were performed in the United States in 2009 [6], and that number continues to steadily increase seven years later. When surgical care becomes necessary, many consumers are left wondering what the true cost for them will be and how they will pay. Various explanations can be offered in the… Read More →

The Rise of Unexpected Medical Costs and the Impact on American Families

It’s unfortunately not uncommon for Americans to incur unexpected medical expenses and receive subsequent unplanned medical bills. Especially in emergency situations, consumers often receive treatment without knowing the true out-of-pocket cost to them. Getting clarity on healthcare costs through requesting itemized billing is something the Wall Street Journal recommends [1]. But even then, consumers can be left confused and frustrated with hefty, unanticipated medical bills. In 2015, Consumer Reports found that 30% of privately-insured Americans… Read More →

BridgeHealth Adds New Marketing Leadership

(DENVER, Colorado) – Representatives of BridgeHealth, Inc. (“BridgeHealth”), the country’s leader in lower cost, high quality, bundled surgical case rate benefit plans, announced the addition of Laura Casanova as its new Director of Marketing & Communications. Casanova joined BridgeHealth on August 31, 2016, and will lead the planning, development, and implementation of all marketing strategies, marketing communications, and public relations activities. BridgeHealth is a bundled medical services benefit management company that offers a suite of… Read More →

Getting Clarity on Surgical Costs

Healthcare costs can be confusing with a traditional health plan. Pricing practices from healthcare providers fluctuates frequently. Hospitals often bill different insurance payers varying prices for the same services. In some cases, insured patients receive a higher bill to subsidize the gaps left by uninsured patients. Other times, a specific provider’s cost can simply vary drastically from other providers performing the same procedures and services [1]. For inpatient surgical procedures, it’s not uncommon for a… Read More →