Healthcare Cost and Quality Changes Based on Where You Are

Location, location, location. That saying is ubiquitous in the real estate industry but could just as easily be applied to healthcare. Why? Because two variables critical to healthcare decision making, cost and quality, are largely determined by where the care is delivered.  The cost of a knee-replacement surgery, for instance, varies widely across the nation. According to the National Chartbook on Health Care Prices published by the Health Care Cost Institute, the average cost for a knee… Read More →

Jeff Somar Joins the BridgeHealth Business Development Team

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BridgeHealth, the leading provider of a value-based healthcare solution for high-quality surgical procedures, announced today that Jeff Somar has joined its executive team as Senior Vice President of Business Development. A seasoned healthcare sales strategist, Somar brings a deep understanding of the healthcare ecosystem, including employer, payer, and consumer dynamics. “Jeff brings a wealth of experience in sales, strategy, and business development for both startup and established companies,” said Mark Stadler, President & CEO… Read More →

Why Network-based Healthcare Costs Are a Major Consumer Vulnerability

A Texas schoolteacher was in his own city, in his own home, when he had a heart attack in 2017. Yet when he returned home after a successful surgery, his health insurance company said that he owed them $108,951 — all because the neighbor who rescued him happened to take him to a nearby hospital that was out-of-network.1 The in-network/out-of-network challenge plagues thousands of Americans who seek care every year. It’s one way our healthcare… Read More →

Terry Fouts Joins BridgeHealth as Chief Medical Officer

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BridgeHealth has announced that Terry Fouts, MD, has joined the company as its Chief Medical Officer. BridgeHealth is the leading provider of value-based healthcare services, offering high-quality, lower cost bundled surgical case rate benefits to self-funded groups. In addition to his role with BridgeHealth, Fouts serves as Chief Clinical Officer and Clinical Operations Advisor for Empactful Capital and as advisor to HBI Solutions, Owl Insights and medAstute Consulting. He has held the role of Chief Medical… Read More →

BridgeHealth Named to Inc. 5000 List for Fourth Consecutive Year

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BridgeHealth, the leading provider of value-based healthcare services, has again been recognized as an Inc. 5000 fastest-growing private company, making 2018 the fourth year in a row the company has earned this recognition. The company ranked #3469 this year, with a three-year sales growth of 109%. Stadler credits BridgeHealth’s success to the increasing interest of self-insured health plan sponsors to more directly control healthcare costs without limiting plan member access to quality care. In… Read More →

Jamie Hall Joins BridgeHealth as Chief Growth Officer

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BridgeHealth, the national leader in providing value-based care for high quality surgical procedures, announced today that Jamie Hall has joined its executive team as Chief Growth Officer. A healthcare industry veteran, Hall’s experience includes more than 20 years driving market adoption for healthcare service and technology solutions to payers, providers, and large employers. Past positions include Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Certifi, Inc.; Chief Growth Officer at LifeNexus, provider of iChip; and SVP… Read More →

BridgeHealth Contracts with North American Specialty Hospital, a Near-Shore Center of Excellence

BridgeHealth offers access to a unique travel-for-treatment provider located in Cancun, thus continuing its commitment to providing the highest quality surgical care at affordable prices to plan sponsors and their members DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BridgeHealth and North American Specialty Hospital announced today a contract that opens the door to BridgeHealth members for high-quality surgical care delivered in a near-shore location, at prices far below the average cost for care in the U.S. A market leader in value-based surgical benefits and… Read More →

How Do You Choose the Best Doctor?

Whether you’re an employer investigating physicians in a new health network, or an employee looking for the right network doctor, you might turn to Healthgrades, Vitals, or Yelp like many consumers. In fact, 69 percent of consumers select or avoid doctors based on online reviews.1 But should we? What happens when consumers control our healthcare decisions? We rely on the opinions of consumers like us to help us make choices every day—from the kind of… Read More →

Why is Healthcare Quality Important?

Medical mistakes in hospitals are the third leading cause of death in the United States.1 In fact, an American College of Surgeons study found that 8.9 percent of surgeons said they’d made a medical error in the last three months, and 1.5 percent said they believe that error led to a patient’s death.2 Although the cause for error was attributed to burnout in this study, other factors exist that can contribute to care complications and… Read More →

An Aging Workforce Can Mean Higher Surgery Costs

As people live and stay active longer, you can expect more older people than ever in the workplace over the next four decades, and this can equate to an exponential rise in healthcare costs for plan sponsors. As AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins pointed out, when Ethel Percy Andrus first founded the institution in 1958, “there weren’t all that many older people around.”1 But that reality has completely changed. Consider these facts: Less than two… Read More →