Florida Sheriffs Trust Contracts for BridgeHealth’s Value-Based Surgery Benefits

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Florida Sheriffs Multiple Employers Trust has contracted with BridgeHealth for value-based surgery benefits. BridgeHealth is a leader in providing bundled surgical case rate benefit plans to self-funded employers.

BridgeHealth enables the Sheriffs Trust’s 550 employees and family members to access top-performing surgical centers of excellence at lower, predictable costs. BridgeHealth’s employer clients save 30-50 percent on major scheduled surgeries, such as spinal fusions, hip replacements, angioplasties and coronary bypasses.

BridgeHealth negotiates with the nation’s top surgical teams for some 500 bundled case rates, combining the charges for each surgery into a single discounted price. BridgeHealth’s bundled case rate plans and support services lower costs for employers and improve the quality of care for more than 500,000 covered lives.

“The high quality of care was the biggest factor in choosing BridgeHealth’s program,” said Tamara Volkert, senior vice president at Hunt Insurance Group, which administers benefits for the Sheriffs Trust. “When you consider that Sheriff’s deputies put their lives on the line to serve and protect, BridgeHealth’s top-quality surgery benefits are one way we can tell Sheriffs’ staffs, ‘We’ve got your back.’”

Volkert called BridgeHealth “a company of character” because it rushed to meet the urgent healthcare need of one of the Trust’s employees.

“While in negotiations, the Trust told us that this employee required spine surgery and was in excruciating pain,” said Mark Stadler, BridgeHealth’s president and chief executive officer. “So, BridgeHealth accelerated the implementation to get her the care she needed at one of our program’s centers of excellence. We appreciate the sacrifices made daily by law enforcement, and we’re honored to partner with the Sheriffs Trust.”

The employee’s surgery was successful and provided nearly immediate relief. She works in one of the Trust’s five Sheriffs’ offices. The offices include Calhoun County, Columbia County, Glades County, Hardee County and Okeechobee County.

“BridgeHealth’s program includes top-quality hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers that are pretty convenient to our county Sheriffs,” noted Volkert.

Since contracting for BridgeHealth’s benefits, Volkert has touted the program at a Sheriffs staff conference. She also plans to introduce the option to another trust served by Hunt Insurance Group.

About Florida Sheriffs Multiple Employers Trust

The Florida Sheriffs Multiple Employers Trust (FSMET) (www.fsmet.net), based in Tallahassee, Fla., was established in 1984 by Florida Sheriffs for Sheriffs and interested counties. Governed by an elected board of trustees, including three sheriffs, the FSMET is administered by Hunt Insurance Group, LLC (www.huntins.com). The FSMET acts as an umbrella, protecting each Sheriff’s office plan housed under it. By joining the Trust, county Sheriffs benefit by increasing their negotiation leverage with insurance carriers, as well as efficiently controlling and managing their employee benefits and finances.

About BridgeHealth

Founded in 2007, BridgeHealth (www.bridgehealth.com) is a provider of value-based healthcare services. Its bundled rates allow self-insured group health plans to improve quality and outcomes of surgery, reduce costs and positively affect the rate of unnecessary surgery. Through decision support, a program of high-quality providers, care coordination and other strategies, clients get real results while providing an outstanding patient experience through a facilitated process. Clients achieve very quantifiable results in a manner that integrates with their full suite of health plan benefits. BridgeHealth is headquartered in Denver, Colorado.

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