Healthcare Costs and Bundled Pricing

According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, consumer healthcare inflation averaged only 2.7% in 2015, significantly less than its rate of 4.7% during the second half of 2007[1].  Although still on pace to stay ahead of inflation, the rate at which healthcare costs are increasing is projected to slow even further in 2016. Consumer spending, combined employer- and government-sponsored healthcare spending, saw a 6.8% increase in 2015, compared to just 11.9% in 2007, according to a… Read More →

Runaway Healthcare Expenditures

While most people’s wages are growing at a glacial pace, medical expenditures continue their meteoric rise.  No one can deny that skyrocketing healthcare costs are getting ridiculous for nearly everyone in the United States.  Unfortunately, this trend is not set to change anytime soon. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, national health expenditures totaled over $1.3 trillion in the year 2000.  By 2013, this figure was $2.9 trillion.  It took less… Read More →

The True Cost of Surgical Procedures

In the United States, healthcare costs are much higher than those in other developed countries, and it has been this way for quite some time.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t necessarily equate to superior health or even a higher standard of care [1].  While Americans typically pay significantly more, their healthcare is often no better than that of people in other countries.  It seems you don’t always get what you pay for.   Historically, a major factor… Read More →

Poor Surgical Quality: Who Pays for the Consequences?

When comparing the quality of healthcare with other developed countries, the system in the United States is known to fall short. In fact, a 2014 international study compared 11 nations, including the US, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Canada and others, on healthcare quality, and sure enough the U.S. healthcare ranked last among the wealthy countries.[1] Some health status measures, such as life expectancy and mortality, can have a misleading effect on the overall effectiveness of health… Read More →

The Ins and Outs of Hospital Acquired Infections

Live long enough, and you’re more likely than not to require a surgical procedure. You’ve probably been experiencing pain, going to the doctor, missing out on life activities. But you and your physician have made a decision, you’re going to go ahead with the surgery. Now you’ve selected your surgeon, made arrangements with your employer, your family, and maybe even started planning out your rehab and recovery activities. You feel good about your preparations, and… Read More →

Is the Rise in Healthcare Costs Finally Leveling Out?

Healthcare cost increases are projected to continue slowing in 2016. Although still on course to easily outpace inflation, according the bureau of labor statistics, consumer healthcare inflation averaged only 2.7% in 2015, a significant decline from 4.7% the latter half of 2007[1]. Although consumer spending is only one portion of overall healthcare spending which also includes employer-sponsored healthcare plan spending as well as government healthcare spending, the PWC Health Research Institute Paper reported a 6.8%… Read More →

HAI’s and Carechex

Those of us lucky enough to live to a ripe old age will almost certainly need a surgical procedure at one time or another.  We have a pain or other issue, we go to the doctor.  Sometimes we decide, with the help of a physician, that surgery is the answer.  We choose a surgeon, make arrangements with our employer and family, maybe even plan what we’ll do when it’s all over.  And when the procedure… Read More →

Centers of Excellence for Superior Care

The current state of healthcare in the United States, as well as the quality of care offered by most medical providers are both far from being ideal: both patients and their employers are continually forced to spend more on healthcare, but the quality itself is neither guaranteed nor in proportion to the outrageous prices charged by hospitals for major surgical treatments. The patient safety in hospital setting has been improving, yet there were still 121… Read More →

Health Expenditures as an Ever Growing Trend

There is no doubt that healthcare costs are getting out of hand for nearly everyone in the United States. While real wages barely crawl up, the financial burden of medical expenditures soars higher every year. And this trend is not about to change. According to a 2013 report by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, national health expenditures totaled $1,378 billion in the year 2000. Within only a little over a decade, this… Read More →

The Importance of Choosing the Right Medical Provider

Choosing the right medical provider to perform a surgery with the best possible results is a tricky thing. The typical free market rules of quality versus price rarely apply in healthcare. Getting a hip replacement is not like buying a washing machine, where the expectations are that with increasing price, the quality will go up as well. As a matter of fact, medical costs mostly develop in reverse manner – the poorer the quality, the… Read More →